You can have the ⁣
Big Lips⁣
Taut starving⁣
Shrinking back toward your⁣
Spine ⁣
Get off on the ⁣
Of your skin toward the ⁣
The way it⁣
over your hips⁣
You can wax your pussy⁣
Fill your breasts with plastic⁣
Inject your brows⁣
To make them⁣
Paste on⁣
Eyelashes ⁣
Eat ⁣
Less ⁣
You can spend many hours⁣
Dressing up to take the ⁣
Perfect ⁣
That will show everyone ⁣
who you ⁣

And my love, you will never be full⁣
Because this is a starving existence ⁣

There is a world⁣
Where women have full juicy ⁣
And sometimes saggy ⁣
Where our skin looks like the ripples⁣
Of the ⁣
Ocean ⁣
And tree bark lines our ⁣
Where our hair⁣
Billows out the sides⁣
Of our bikinis ⁣
And sometimes ⁣
creeps out from⁣
Under our arms⁣
Where our bellies hold⁣
The lushness of life⁣
And our bodies take up room. ⁣
And our voices take up more room. ⁣
There is a world where our minds⁣
Are Quiet. ⁣
Where the force that moves ⁣
Moves us too. ⁣
And there is deep grief⁣
And Magic⁣
Here. ⁣

I have a magical life. ⁣

A full life. ⁣

And that does not require you to ⁣
It requires you to ⁣
Sink ⁣
Down ⁣
Down ⁣
Into the dirt. ⁣

DIRT is a year long membership with me. ⁣
Where we let go of our identities⁣
Where we unwind the conditioning ⁣
Where we become fuller and more deeply us. ⁣

You will not learn ways to Have All The Things. ⁣

But you will learn to let the Earth move you. ⁣

And you will return over and over again⁣
To that deepest thing in yourself⁣
That craves so much⁣
To have a wild ⁣
Filling ⁣
And magical life. ⁣

DIRT is open now. ⁣
I will be closing it in October and I do not know if I will open it up for new members in the future. ⁣
I do not say this to create scarcity I am just telling you what is true. ⁣
I am going to be pulling back from social media and this will be the only way you can work with me for a while. ⁣

You must do a call with me to join. ⁣
If you are pulled⁣
And only if you are pulled⁣
Fill out an application here.