You can be all things at once. ⁣

The same way the streets are filled with cigarette butts and pee stains and flowers and trees so wide they make you stop in your tracks in awe of life -⁣

You can be in pleasure from anger. In pleasure from grief. In pleasure from disgust. ⁣

These aren’t bad emotions. They are a necessary range of human expression. ⁣

You can be so beautiful that people stop you in your tracks to say you are a siren ⁣

And your body can simultaneously pour with blood and be bumpy with cellulite and it can break out everywhere. ⁣

You can feel complete joy in one moment and hate everything the next. ⁣

There is no such thing as perfect health, anyway. You are always dying. ⁣

Your blood is fucking magical. Even when it gets everywhere – how wild you are, how primal. Even when it is painful – how beautiful to be able to feel pain. ⁣

You are alive. ⁣

Something I love most about these blood photos are when people cannot decide if I am attractive or disgusting. ⁣

There are always both opinions. I am both things. ⁣

You are both things, too. You are everything. ⁣

Permission to be angry. Permission to feel shame. Permission to feel disgust. Permission to be messy. Permission to be excited. Permission to love fully. Permission to fucking exist⁣

Give that to yourself today. ⁣

You are the entire universe in one being ⁣

All of it is beauty