How I made $50k in one day

It was back in the end of 2018, just a few weeks after starting this business… Someone I knew was talking to me about Bitcoin, and trying to explain cryptocurrency to me My brain had absolutely no understanding really of what he was talking about. I had heard people mention crypto here and there before, but I was of the understanding that it had already

announcing: TABOO

Your bad girl Your slut Your killer Your whore Your mean girl Your wasteful Uncaring Selfish Bitch Your menstrual blood Dripping down your leg Your illness Your crazy Your power Your witch The part that could tear flesh to shreds The part that would survive Alone naked in the forest at night Shut away in prison Your hungry wolf Your fat Your lumps and bumps

Raw liver & oysters: how gaining 120 lbs led me back to the same place, but entirely different (aka how I healed an eating disorder)

It is wild when I look back on the last year of my life. I am an entirely different person. Something massive has shifted for me in the last few weeks. It has felt like piece after piece suddenly clicking into place. My mind finally quiet enough that I can truly hear my body, more often than not. 13 months is how long this took.

her belly left the room

She let herself go her hips spilled over the sides of chairs her belly left the room her breasts escaped and wisps of hair rose up toward the sky  Out in every direction She let herself go her legs became pillows  her body remembered it was water  And her skin began to cry With relief.  As it stopped trying to hold itself in and up

Our minds do not know better than our bodies

It is none of my business what size my body decides to become.  The size of my body is not actually relevant to anything.  In this past year I have been humbly deeply learning FROM my body.  Listening to the intensity of my hunger.  Responding to food cravings regardless of what my mind thought about the food.  Responding to my body’s desire for A LOT

The mandates ended in BC today

Today the mandates ended in BC.  For 7 months we have not been able to go to restaurants, movie theaters, gatherings, or generally participate in most of enjoyable society.  This was a form of pressure and for a lot of people it worked.  It would never work for us.  I would never abandon my knowing for pleasure.  I would never abandon the truth of my

Sex after midnight

He was sleeping.  12:30 am.  I had not gone to bed yet, our last night here, journaling and dreaming And just feeling the peacefulness of the moment.  As I lay there, soaking it in – the waves outside, the cool white sheets, him next to me Suddenly I really wanted sex.  My mind was like, really? It’s 12:30 am. You should be going to sleep. 

Freedom comes from not being a victim

Coddling and soothing your trauma will be helpful for a period of time but will not lead you to freedom. We have a strong current culture right now that is very oriented around not triggering people and generally tip-toeing on eggshells around anything that might upset them. Even when I dare to suggest in one tiny sentence in my stories that women might create their

How food became neutral to me

The last time I was here I was terrified to be in this grocery store.  I was on a trip last June and it was the only grocery store in town.  I hadn’t been inside a “normal” grocery store in years. I only shopped at Whole Foods or health food stores and I felt very superior about this.  I had started eating more food three

I can just let this in, everything I’ve ever wanted

Today I had 7 poop buckets to take out, in the rain.  It was my turn but we were post-wedding and then sick and it just hadn’t happened yet.  Jordan was on a call and I thought, well, so what if it’s raining. We leave tomorrow.  I could leave them but I’ll still have to take care of them when we return.  So I went,