The pulse of the earth / is what you are missing

The pulse of the earth   Is what you are missing   Connection to your body   Not superficial, but   The deep feminine Knowing   The beating of each leaf Throbbing on each branch   The swirls on your fingertips   The bleeding of your womb, out between your thighs   The nectar of wildness The lies of beauty Or, the beauty of the

I softened into my feminine & attracted the most incredible partner

Jordan is kind to me. When I forget to turn off the stove, he smiles and turns it off himself. When I am making us late, he calmly changes plans so we are not late. Every single morning, I come out of the bedroom, and he immediately stops what he’s doing, closes his computer and puts it to the side, giving me his full presence

If you think you have to “train” men, this is for you

If you think you have to “train” men If you feel glee when you “put him in his place” You will continually end up with men who are submissive to you. Who cast down their eyes when you get angry Who say “I don’t know, what do you think?” to every problem that arises Who shut down when you ask them to speak Who cannot

8 Ways to Increase Your Desire for Sex

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you might find yourself desiring sex less often. Maybe you’re just super stressed, really busy, or you’ve been spending too much time with your partner… or maybe none of those things are true, but you’re still feeling the lack of desire. Even if you’re single, you might feel like “Hey, where’d my sexual self go?! I

Saying “I don’t know” is a female response to a patriarchal culture

Women say “I don’t know” because we were taught that our own knowing was not allowed. That our own knowing was not enough. We say “I don’t know” because we’ve been so conditioned out of what we truly, deeply desire that we often can’t even access what that is anymore. It becomes impossible to distinguish what we want to say from all the immediate thoughts

Making fun of each other is criticism, and criticism is not love

In my family, we showed our love for one another by making fun of one another. We bonded over making fun of one another. In fact, I learned that “being easy to make fun of” was one of my top-valued qualities. My family told me that my voice was too squeaky and annoying. That I was forgetful and irresponsible. That I was ditzy and “blonde.”

Do you always feel shitty after feeling really good? 5 things that will help

Maybe you’ve had this experience: You got the job. You had the best orgasm of your life. Or you had some huge breakthrough, and moved a lot of energy in some way. You had an incredible high, and felt like you were doing really well. And then… your energy tanked. Suddenly you felt… low. Maybe you got sick, or you felt super sad, or angry, or

You already deserve the things you want

You are worthy because you exist. You are worthy because you are. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the individualistic ideals of the Western world. On our meritocracy, which says that we can have anything we want, as long as we work hard enough for it, as long as we prove we deserve it. When we are raised in a particular framework, we view

Creating safety during sex: The moment of Disconnect & the importance of the PAUSE

All too often, women ignore our own desires during sex because our desires feel un-explainable, too complicated, or not worth taking the time to figure out. Even if we don’t consciously believe it, we’ve often absorbed the narratives that our bodies are complex, annoying, and incorrect. Along with our conditioning around our bodies, we’ve often received societal conditioning to be accommodating and pleasing to others.