Having it all the way, writing the future, & my current life

There is this piece I go back to sometimes, that I wrote in February of 2021. The paragraph where it says: “What I desire most right now is to grow my own food on land. To eat eggs from chickens that I know. To surround my own home in flowers and lace and soft things. To drink a lot of tea. To have a bird

The wisdom of fire

Today in DIRT embodiment we played around with the energy of burning.  And the difference between external outrage and internal rage.  My Facebook has been having this glitch where it’s mostly only showing posts from people I’ve unfollowed.  It’s been like a weird time warp where the only energy I can feel there is my two years ago self.  I have been astounded. It is

A few years ago I might have Cared

A few years ago I might have Cared Painted my face with blood Wrote poems saying Fuck the patriarchy Shouted from the rooftops Got up in arms  Said help us Save me Today in my  Woman body Pussy Breasts Body of woman I feel truth.  This is where we are This is where we have been I watch our society eating itself Like cancer cells,

Gender, trans children, and reverence of the feminine

In my early twenties I went through a huge phase of being a social justice warrior.  I wanted to help save the world.  I wanted to rescue the world and I perceived it desperately needed my rescuing.  So I got very into unpacking my privilege as a white cisgendered hetero woman.  And though there were important pieces there, what I really learned in all of

The academics & the scientists & the deeper magic of life

The problem with academics through my lens is that being an academic becomes a Very Important Identity.  In the world of academia, academia is very important.  Most academics learn they are Great and Smart and Hard-working people.  And they learn to conform to a rigid set of structures and rules.  They write the way they are told.  They learn to think the way they are

Reflections on hiring help & pre-conception time

Reflections on hiring a house assistant: Hiring someone to come support our home is the best thing I have ever done.  I had so many judgments. There’s only me and Jordan, we don’t even have kids, it’s not like I’m working 8 hours a day, we already have cleaners, etc etc etc.  But two days a week we have this wonderful woman come for 4-5

The erotic nature of disgust

I find disgust to be one of the most potent teachers.  Disgust often points to desire.  A deep, disapproved of place of desire in the body.  So forbidden that it has disguised itself and come back in killer form.  People have often wondered how I have 0 insecurity around sex  How my body looks during sex How I can scream and growl and cry and

What’s in my name

I was just reading this thing where parents were complaining about how other parents gave their kids hard to pronounce or unique names.  And everyone in the comments was like “why would you do that to your child.”  “Poor child will have to correct everyone all the time.” And I just want to say.  My name is one of the biggest gifts my parents could

A rant about the annoying comments people make during my food journey (video)

This morning some people made some very annoying comments on my post from yesterday (the one about how my weight has plateaued, here if you missed it). I am very used to these types of comments and usually I just ignore them. However every so often I just feel fed up and done and annoyed. And so while I went on my morning walk, I