One year ago, a group of women gathered together to explore their wounding with men…

We spent 3 months together in this container called WOUND



Bringing up to the surface


There were breakups and engagements and the severing and healing of connections with fathers.

There were new embodied boundaries set, that came from a place of connection and truth rather than resentment

The energy was explosive

A geyser clearing its path

And a group of women who arrived feeling resentful of men

Left feeling how they alone were responsible for their relationships

And the true creators of their lives

WOUND has transformed and distilled herself down to a one-day experience.

It will be deep. It will be potent.

You do not come to heal or fix.

You come to take the medicine that is served.

Please make sure you watch this video before signing up:

WOUND is a full day experience happening on January 9th, 2022.

We will go from 10-5 PT with an hour or so break in between for lunch.

It will take place on Zoom.

You must be able to be present with your video on the entire time.

There will not be any replays.

Everything will be recorded and there is always the chance I may use it in private containers in the future. If you do not want to be recorded then do not raise your hand to speak.

Women/pussy-havers only.

There will be an online community for processing a week after.

If this all sounds good to you please proceed with the form below:

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