“Men respond really well to condescension,” she said, laughing. ⁣

I looked at her, my body frozen. ⁣

She was a sex educator. Someone who teaches classes on relating to one another allll the time. ⁣

I know where this belief comes from. How it’s rooted in a lifetime of feeling lesser than, of not knowing any other way to feel powerful. ⁣

That used to be me. Not taking help from any man, ever. Not genuinely respecting any man in my life. Thinking men were all one way or another. ⁣

I watched the movies, laughing about how men don’t do anything they’re told. I read the articles about feminism and how men should shut up. ⁣

I was angry, and rightfully so. ⁣

And then I realized that maybe I was playing a role in it, too. ⁣

I shifted MY stories .. and my entire world changed. ⁣

Here’s the thing: if you are condescending toward men. If you think you need to “train” men. If you think men don’t do as much work on themselves as women. ⁣

You are causing your own problems. YOU are calling those men into your life. ⁣

And you’re probably just as harmful of a partner as they are. ⁣

Once I took responsibility for my stories around men, I fell in love with men. I started allowing them to help me. I started noticing their strength, their depth, their presence. I started admiring the way their masculine allowed me to relax into my feminine. ⁣

I started RECEIVING them – not being in some weird competition with them. ⁣

I started meeting men who were incredible. Clients, lovers, random Uber drivers. ⁣

My world is filled with men who are in integrity. Men who care deeply about working on themselves. Men who care about women’s pleasure. ⁣

I’m sick of hearing about how we somehow need to knock men down in order to thrive. ⁣

I’m sick of hearing even women who have done a lot of work on themselves talk about “training” men. As if they are children or dogs. ⁣

If you’re constantly attracting men who can’t meet you, you need to shift your beliefs around men. ⁣

Take responsibility. And watch your world change.