We have been spoon-fed an idea of what a good life looks like. ⁣

Who we would be, what we would do, if we were being the perfect version of our chosen identity. ⁣

Being sustainable, morally correct, clean, put together, acceptable. ⁣

But Earth is more of a dive bar thumping with the kind of characters you see in Star Wars. ⁣

Earth is the place where mothers kill their babies. ⁣

Earth is the place where minks drink the blood of chickens and leave them all in a pile, rotting⁣

Earth is the place where you can swim in the ocean and watch the most stunning sunset and then drown in a wave that pulls you under. ⁣

If you want a reality check of what it is like to be a human on Earth spend a couple nights out of the safe box of any buildings. ⁣
Or come stay with us and live without functioning toilets or clean running water⁣ 🤣

Suddenly you are faced with – what do I do with my shit? Like actually?⁣
Being a human on Earth is messy. ⁣

Some people want to rise above this by clinging to moral ideas of how the world should be. ⁣
This woman commented on my post the other day that she had a “moral awakening.”⁣

The reason that term is so hilarious is because it is solely a creation of the mind. ⁣

The human ego, feeling proud of itself. The only thing it is “awakening” to is its idea of itself. ⁣

The Earth does not have morals. ⁣
Morals are a made-up human projection and fantasy. ⁣

I think people get activated when I say this because they imagine that in a world without MORALS governing and guiding us, canceling us, keeping us in our places, we would just all run around and murder each other. ⁣

But it is very clear to me that the only thing that keeps the “bad” things in the world in place is the amount that everyone is so “horrified” and “sickened” by how bad they are. ⁣

We love it. ⁣

All those things we are disgusted by, horrified by, cannot stand, outraged by. ⁣
We love the sensation they give us. ⁣
And we are bound to keep creating these circumstances for ourselves until we integrate these pieces.

Also, we are meant to live on Earth. ⁣
We are here to have a human experience. ⁣
We are not here to try to purify and cleanse ourselves above the dive bar. ⁣

Religion would tell you so⁣
But I’d invite you to look around you as an example.⁣
because you don’t live in the heaven that was a fantasy of some random men⁣
You live in nature.⁣

You can try to play to the purity rules⁣
Eat the strict diet, behave, be a good daughter, be a good wife, be humble and small, ⁣
Be quiet, commiserate with others about how terrible all of these things in the world are, be the social justice activist, buy the proper things. ⁣

You may spend your whole life this way. Reaching for the fantasy that is “doing it well enough.” ⁣

Being “correct” !⁣

Personally I am more interested in the women whose bodies slide in wrinkly and scarred at the time of death. ⁣
The women who can eat meat that drips in blood. ⁣
The women who can be the little girl to Daddy and the dominatrix and tender soft open during sex⁣
The women who could kill a fly⁣
The women whose armpits stink and rolls fold down their sides⁣
The women who rage⁣
The women who are not above McDonalds ⁣
The women who can be covered in dirt and take out their own shit⁣
The women who state their unpopular opinions⁣

The ones who are here to feel and embody it all⁣

Who want to feel all aspects of Earth within themselves because that is what we came here for.⁣

If you want to know who you really are, try embodying the things that horrify and disgust you.⁣

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