Imagine having sex with your partner and feeling totally in control of every moment.

Not only are your physical skills amazing, but your mind-game is on point - you’re fully connected to her, noticing every reaction, every breath, and responding perfectly.

You’re fully present, and she can feel it.

You decide when you want to orgasm.

You can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, if you feel like it.

You no longer worry about how you’re performing sexually, or how you’re fulfilling her as a partner.

You know your life means something, and you know how to use your sexual energy to enhance your life’s purpose.

Sound like a dream? It’s not.


The last round of VENTURE closed for registration November 17th, 2018. The next round will open February 2019.

You may contact me to see if I have any available coaching spots before then.


Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You struggle with not lasting long enough in bed, lasting too long, or with erectile dysfunction

  • You feel like your orgasms aren’t exciting anymore

  • You get rejected a lot by your partner, or don’t even bother trying

  • You are tired, overworked, and stressed out

  • You don’t understand what’s causing you to have the issues you’re having

  • Or… you’re just super amazing and want to uplevel your sex life

When I first decided to become a sex coach, I thought I’d start by working with women. I had worked a ton on my own sexuality, bringing myself from being someone who thought I just wasn’t capable of having multiple or internal orgasms, into someone who can have all of those things and more.

I know what it takes to help a woman get there.

But the more I increased my own sexual abilities, the more I found my sex life lacking with my partner. See, I was having all this energy grow and increase and explode… and he wasn’t capable of handling it. He couldn’t last long enough.

This made me really frustrated, and it seemed among my friends to be something they experienced with men all the time.

No one seemed to think it was a fixable problem: it’s just how men are, right?

I knew from learning all about sexuality that this wasn’t true, and I tried to get my partner to start doing some practices.

After only a few he was able to last way longer in bed, and through his deeper connection to his own body, I was able to have more incredible experiences than I ever could have imagined.

I also realized that it’s really hard to find good information about male sexuality, let alone find anyone who’s coaching it well.

I realized that my female friends had a lot of access to talking and learning about sex, and that my male friends didn’t.

So I dedicated my training to learning everything about men’s sexuality that I could.

And I created this one-on-one coaching program.

In VENTURE, you’ll:

  • Figure out what you want out of your relationships and sex life

  • Identify thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Connect more deeply with your own body

  • Learn how to have full-body orgasms, multiple orgasms, and how to separate orgasm from ejaculation

  • Learn how to embody your primal nature in a safe and powerful way

How does it work?

Book a free discovery call with me and we’ll discuss what’s going on in your sex life. I’ll let you know how I can help you and we’ll decide if we’ll be a good fit.

The package can vary by person, but generally you’ll work one-on-one with me, over video calls, for 5 weeks. We’ll do different things on the calls based on what is happening for you, and I’ll give you personalized practices to do on your own. You’ll have email access to me throughout the program.


I have a super busy schedule. Do I have time for this?

The commitment is an hour once a week, or once every two weeks (depending on how you want to schedule it), plus the practices I give you, which average 20 mins 3x/week. So, that’s about two hours a week.

I’ve never talked to anyone about any of this, and I’m afraid.

It’s super normal to feel a little hesitant about getting coaching. It’s a big life shift - it’s a commitment to your sex life! - and that tends to make us nervous. I’ve heard it all, so I won’t judge anything you say. And that’s why I do the first call together for free - so you can decide if coaching feels like something that you can commit to.

What do we do during the sessions?

We talk; I ask you questions; we do embodiment practices, breathwork, and meditations; I give you tools to use on your own; I ask more questions. There is no clothing removal or guided sexual touch - it’s sex coaching, but it’s a professional space. It’s similar to a therapy session, but with more practical tools and energetic concepts.

What happens during the discovery call?

I ask you questions about your sex life and your sexual history, you can ask any questions you have about my coaching, we’ll discuss package options and pricing, and you can decide if it sounds good to you.

Do you work with people who are not heterosexual men?

Yes! While my business is mainly focused on heterosexual, cisgendered men, I often secretly launch programs for women through my personal Instagram. You can also email me to see if I have spots available. If you are someone who is LGBTQ, or a person of color who might want to work with someone who isn’t white, please click here.

What time zone are you in?

I’m typically on Pacific time. I’m usually able to find times in my schedule that work for any time zone - I’ve worked with clients all over the world - so we can work together on that.

Do you have a refund policy?

I do the free discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll tell you so. But once we start working together, there are no refunds unless there’s an extenuating circumstance, at which point we can discuss it.

Do you do in-person sessions?

Not right now, but that’s coming soon :)

Become the master of your sex life.

“My sessions with Demetra were extremely insightful and helpful for me to understand my condition and improve my sexual life and relationships. I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her and she guided me with simple and very effective practices that are helping me a lot.”

“You have a gift for this work, Demetra. Your reflective skills are excellent, and you exhibited an openness and ability to flow with whatever arose during the session. While the sessions had some structure to them, I did not get the feeling that you had a specific agenda or goals that you were trying to achieve (or get me to) during the session.”

“Demetra holds a space of pure inquiry and love, which is what I needed most given that it was my doubting mind that has been shutting me down sexually. With her gentle guidance, and offering of tools as both homeplay and during our session, I was able to peel apart a truth that lives in my body that my mind hasn’t integrated over my long history of waking up my body from trauma. I feel empowered now to navigate forwards believing my body is capable of what I most desire.”

“There was an instant comfort level. Something I had never said out loud seemed to just float off my lips. Demetra welcomed all my feelings and thoughts, never dismissing any.

“I liked that I could be completely honest and you were always happy with that. Even if I didn't have an answer, you were just happy that I was trying to connect. I never felt like I had to push something if it wasn't there.”

“Demetra Is a trusting and gifted coach. She was able to take me through deeply transformative shifts in our first session! I’m grateful for the tools she was able to provide in our session. I highly recommend her.”