Want mind-blowing, incredible orgasms? 

Want to feel confident and fulfilled in your relationships?  

Want to create the life you truly desire - and to fully know what that is?

Hey, I'm Demetra.

For me, sexual energy was the piece that unlocked my life and skyrocketed me on my way to caring for my trauma, having fulfilling relationships, and expressing my entire self.

Before I began working with it, I spent a long time in various trainings and retreats around the world, trying to grow and help myself heal. I also spent lots of time (and money!) with therapists.

I grew, of course… but I didn’t really heal.

I still wasn’t fully able to get to the roots of what was causing me to feel anxious and depressed and insecure.

I could *see* what might be causing these things… but I couldn’t accept them. I couldn’t love them.

I found myself hitting a wall – coming up against these same patterns over and over and over again.

What I discovered is that sexual energy is often the missing piece.

Our society is hugely repressed in this area. Most people are in either bad or "good enough" relationships. Most people are having mediocre sex, or no sex. Most people are afraid to deeply talk about sexuality. 

And yet, sexual energy is the root of our creativity, our self-expression, and our power. It’s also often where we store our deepest wounds. 

When we begin working with sexual energy, it not only brings us ecstatic states of pleasure... 

... But it also tends to break open every other area of our lives. Everything becomes possible.

There is nothing I have to teach that you don’t already have. Our natural state is joy and pleasure and expressing all our own gifts. It’s just that we tend to have a lot of things blocking us from accessing these pieces in ourselves.

I see it as gunk clogging up the access line to our truest, fullest selves.

And guess what? You don't need to be fixed, and you’re okay as you are – gunk and all. 

I’m not going to try to fix you. I’m just going to help show you, you.

For me, coaching has been necessary – there’s something about another person holding a container that tends to create intense love and healing, and helps us see through what’s really going on.

I’d love to do that for you.

I will be taking clients towards the end of 2018. Sign up here to be notified when I’m open for one-on-one coaching. (I’m currently in the midst of a year-long training, myself – through Layla Martin).

In my spare time, I create videos and articles, travel a ton, write essays and poetry, and teach women how to lift weights through my online course, Witches Get Strong.

At the heart of all these things is that I want everyone to feel powerful, confident, and able to create anything they desire.

And I want to help you claim – and love! - your full self, too.

Learn more about me here. 


Contact: demetra@demetranyx.com