I used to hate giving head. ⁣

It felt like this annoying thing I was obligated to do, even though I didn’t want to. I rolled my eyes with my friends about how it was this thing men expected from us. ⁣

I had experiences where guys shoved my head down. I often did it while thinking the whole time about how I wished it was over. ⁣

I thought real feminists were tired of giving men pleasure. It didn’t seem to be the act of an empowered woman. I thought penises were kind of ugly and .. gross. ⁣

And on top of that, while guys *seemed* to enjoy it .. I felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing. ⁣

And now?⁣

I get soooooo much pleasure out of sucking cock. ⁣

I adore it. I literally crave it. It feels like worship. It feels like intense pleasure for my body and my mouth and my throat. ⁣

I adore the complete surrender and the submission it requires. That submission feels liberating and empowering. ⁣

I’ve had orgasms just from doing it (?!! yes, really). I get super wet from doing it. ⁣

I enjoy it.. AND I know I’m good at it. ⁣

I want you to feel that way, too. ⁣


I am hosting an online event teaching you everything I know now. ⁣

This class is a combination of what I’ve learned from coaching men around their sex lives, what I’ve learned from my lovers, and my experience with knowing what emotions women need to integrate in order to make this shift. ⁣

This is especially for you if you feel the way I described at the beginning of this post. ⁣

You’ll learn: ⁣

- anatomy and physical techniques⁣
- how to reclaim the experience as your own⁣
- how to make it incredibly pleasurable for yourself⁣
- the secret that made my partner go “ did you do that??!!”⁣
- how to be really fucking good at it⁣

I’ll explain and demo everything, and you’ll get time for q&a. ⁣

Sept 22. 2 pm PST. If you can’t make it live, the recording will be sent out. ⁣

Claim it. It’s yours 💦⁣