a 6-month group coaching program with Jordan Gray & Demetra Nyx

This program is available through application only. You must have a call with Demetra in order to join. To schedule a call, either fill out the application linked below, or contact Demetra directly.

Applications close April 4th. NOURISH begins April 11th.

Who are you in relationship? How do you show up? What parts of you get activated? What do you attract in a partner?

In NOURISH we will be deepening more into love. Whether that is with the partner you are currently with or with a future partner.

Jordan & I both see relationships as a path to further self-growth, and love as the most purifying and vulnerable force on the planet.

I encourage you to trust your body and to apply if you feel pulled.

If you’d like to hear me talk more about NOURISH, click here to watch the video.