My heart felt expanded, opening⁣

Will you kiss me? he asked gently⁣

I moved my mouth down between his legs⁣

and I kissed softly, leisurely. And then I sat up.⁣

I ran my hands over his thighs, his belly, his cock. As slowly as I wanted. Noticing the silkiness of his skin, various moles, the shape of his body.⁣

Appreciating. Adoring. Feeling my own pleasure in what I touched.⁣

Minutes passed.⁣

We gazed at each other, in love.⁣

I asked if he wanted me to keep touching him like that, or if he would prefer my mouth.⁣

“I don’t think I’ll know until you try,” he said.⁣

Again, so gently with my mouth. Love flowing from my mouth into his cock.⁣

Everything, so slowly.⁣

I began dripping. I could feel it all over the bed, all over my own legs.⁣

I kept moving love into his body.⁣

Maybe centuries went by, I don’t know.⁣

“Can I be inside of you?” he asked⁣

I said of course⁣

As I moved to lay on top of him, tears started running down his cheeks.⁣

“Is this okay?” he asked softly.⁣

The real question – are men allowed to open, too⁣

“Yes,” I said. “I am so in love with you⁣

My whole body is begging for you inside of me.”⁣

Are you ready?” I asked.⁣

“Yes,” he said.⁣

We looked into each other’s eyes.⁣

He entered me, and we held still.⁣

My vagina, like my fingertips. Every part feeling energy, the slightest sensation. Like my body electrified.
Like someone had hit the key code and a door I didn’t know existed suddenly started to open.⁣

My body, expanding inside. My cervix, opening. Like my vagina was widening, lengthening, to depths I didn’t even know she had available.⁣

My body pouring shimmers of love from my chest.⁣

He filled me, and we moved slowly. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I did not force them out. Every part of me felt a complete surrender to our energy.⁣

We followed the energy. It came in waves: gentle, aggression, softness, connection.⁣

And then my body came – so softly, exquisitely, valley orgasms expanding through every part of my body.⁣

Our bodies blending into one another. Endless tingling.⁣

My insides felt open. Everything felt open, like I did not have physical barriers at all.
It felt like somebody went into my vagina and gently released her from the cage that had been keeping her small.⁣

I came again, from his mouth. He came from my mouth. His body shaking.⁣

We complimented each other’s bodies. We held each other’s bodies.⁣

We laid there, in love⁣

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