More About Me

Below I have written a large part of my story. If you want more from my heart, please read this, too.

The main goal of my work is to help people work through their emotions and take back their power in a society that continually wants to take it all away. To teach people how to support their bodies and connect with who they truly are.

I am white. My ancestors are Greek, English, Russian, Polish, and German. I come from a family with a lot of privilege. I'm able-bodied, use the pronouns she/her, and have the privilege of a cis-gendered, heterosexual person, though lately I have been seeing both my gender and sexuality in a more fluid way. 

I was raised on the traditional territory of the Haudenosauneega Confederacy and Susquehannock peoples, on land currently known as Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

I try to make my work equally accessible to all people. I know I will mess this up. I welcome being called out on this. 

I am a witch. 

In December of 2011, I lost my younger brother in a car accident. He now lives with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I write about this a lot. TBI is an ongoing lesson for me in the differences between acute trauma and ongoing trauma, and how to navigate both at once. 

I continually deal with (and have learned to support) clinical anxiety and mild depression. 

I have been trained in astrology, herbalism, sexual energy, storytelling, and magic. I used to hold women's circles on the full moon of every month, when I lived in a stable place. 

I have also been trained in shamanism and reiki and extensively as a yoga teacher. I have backed away from these things because of my role in cultural appropriation. I mention them here because the knowledge I have received from them will influence me forever, and yet I feel I can empower people in ways that don't include stealing from other cultures. 

Physically I grew up as a serious athlete, then later moved on to aerial silks, circus arts, and pole dance. Now I mostly lift heavy weights, and have created a program blending my magical and physical worlds together, making the gym world more accessible to people who don't identify with it. 

I used to have a lot of body image issues. I went through a lot of food phases, gave myself orthorexia, and finally learned how to approach nutrition in a non-restrictive way. I have privilege when it comes to my natural body type, but I consider myself fat-positive, and body-positive. I teach from this perspective. 

I love thinking about and working with and teaching about menstrual cycles. I think because they are an area that is so taboo but so powerful - like sexuality in general. I have endometriosis, and handle it with energetic practices and herbal medicine. 

I am currently traveling around the world. I like to travel in a way that keeps me for a long time in one place, instead of seeing as many things as possible as quickly as possible. I like to get to know places deeply. I decide where to go by intuition, and usually without a plan. While Greece tends to hold a large part of my heart, my favorite place I have ever been is Vietnam. My favorite thing I've ever written about it is here. 

I tend to push social boundaries and make people uncomfortable. Sometimes this feels like a curse. Sometimes I know it is a gift. 

I strongly dislike when people preach love and light, veganism, the Secret, most new agey things, and anyone in general who pretends like regular people making little changes are the ones in charge of saving the world from destruction. I also dislike when people make judgements about people and places without considering the complexity of humanity and what causes things to be the way they are. 

I am a Sagittarius, Aries rising, mercury in Scorpio with a Capricorn moon and stellium. I do planetary magic. 

I am currently writing a book of poetry. I am also turning my strength training program into a book. 

I really love: coffee, sweet chili Doritos, not showering, airplanes, airports, and hotels. Sometimes I wish I lived in a stable place so I could ferment things and make medicine and have a garden and an in-person community. Currently my love for moving around is greater. 

I struggle with wanting to run a successful business but also wanting to be open and changeable and vulnerable.

I share all of these things here so you can see all sides of me: Yes, I can help you connect deeply with your sexuality, communicate better in your relationships, work through your emotions and become more confident. I can teach you how to become stronger, help you create the life you desire and get what you want.

And, I am someone who messes up, who continually works on my own relationships, who eats junk food and doesn't always go to the gym. Who is sometimes moody and anxious and feels like the world is ending. 

I am all things. 

You are, too. 

Connect with me here.