Herbal Honey How To (+ Medicinal Combinations)

Aside from just tasting yummy, herbal honeys are a really easy way to use herbal medicine! Personally, I like these best for external uses, but they're good to eat as well.

To make an infused honey, fill a jar at least halfway with dried herbs (in the above picture I went a little overboard, as I tend to do.) Different herbs can use different amounts, but half is a good rule. With rose, for example, it has such a light flavor that you might want to put more in. Be cautious with lavender - if you add too much, it'll taste kind of soapy. Use less than you think you need. 

Fill the jar to the top with honey. Raw honey is generally best, although if you're making a honey for an upset stomach it might be best to use pasteurized (you can pasteurize your honey yourself by boiling it.)

Let it sit for 4-6 weeks. Flip it over every so often to move the herbs around. You can leave it longer if you'd like.

When it's done, strain out the herbs and keep the honey. You might want to (very gently!) heat the honey to make it easier to strain. Do not bring even to a simmer if you are using raw honey! If it's summer, you can do this outside, where the sun will keep the honey warm. :)

Medicinal Honey Blends:

Skin honey: rose petals, red clover blossoms, lavender, calendula (raw honey is better)

For wound healing: yarrow (raw honey, manuka honey especially would be best but more expensive)

To settle an upset stomach (use pasteurized honey for this one, preferably): chamomile, peppermint, slippery elm bark powder (add the powder at the very end, it'll mix into the honey and you don't need to strain it out.)

To create a restful, peaceful sleep: hops, rose petals

To create a vivid-dreaming, healing sleep: mugwort, lavender

Anxiety-reducing: motherwort, passionflower, lemon balm

For moon-time (during menstruation): raspberry leaf, motherwort, chamomile

You can use the skin honey blend as a face/body mask: leave on for 20 minutes or so, and then rinse off. Honey is water-soluble and rinses off easily. You can also use honey to wash your face instead of face wash - it's antibacterial, beneficial, and moisturizing! (You can eat this too, if you want)

To heal a wound (yarrow will help stop bleeding, honey will help with healing and scarring, both help to keep it from getting infected), just apply the honey over the wound, and change the dressing every 12-24 hours or so. 

For the other blends, you can eat a spoonful as often as you need, or mix it into tea. :)