October 21, 2017 ~ Demetra nyx


I am Bleeding.

I have been lying here all day,

melting into the oceans

of my sheets.

Pressing into pillows while

my stomach screams at me.

I know, I say.

I hear you. That is why we are resting. 


I splash water on my body

and I think:


I am finally


to myself.


She says:


This is what I have been trying

to tell you all along.


My back aches, while everything

spins around me

And I am still.


My inbox is full of I love yous

Jupiter has entered my 8th house

I wallow for a while

But I like wallowing.


Deciding is like

throwing myself out of an airplane.

If I pull the string

I will fall and catch myself

In time to see Eden.


Or I might miss