In Awe

I bow


In Reverence


To Her


She knows exactly what is needed

in every moment,

Exactly who She is for


To some, She gives

a drop

To others, a flooding

Some, a tsunami

To some, a gentle river

Lapping waves, and



She doses her medicine

In the perfect amount


She goes where she is called. Where she is desired. Where she can feel echoes

Of herself


She is cold and bitter

A fire in the dark



She dresses her arms

Like clouds

Around every bend


Her tendrils touch

where they are meant to

Her song is heard only

By those who can Hear


She has a depth, unreachable

A bottomless




It is a Remembering.

She has endless capacity, endless



She cradles and elicits chills

At the same time


She wants union

She wants a Return

She wants her nature, expressed

in human form


For her, I open myself



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