I see you.⁣

You, writing to me about how it’s so hard to get hurt and get back up again.⁣

You, emailing me essays about all the pain in your life.⁣

You, commenting on my power, which is the power you see and want more of in yourself.⁣

You, who can’t imagine having thousands of strangers having opinions on your body and still continuing to show it.⁣

You, who feels so fucking deeply, and for whom reading the comments feels like wounds being stabbed over and over again.⁣

You, who struggles with feeling like your body is your own.⁣

You, who knows there is so much more to your life than you know, and feels afraid of stepping into that fully.⁣

You, who is so successful and still feels like something’s missing.⁣

You, who knows that you deserve more but is afraid that you don’t.⁣

You, who believes pleasure and sovereignty and confidence and healthy relationships just aren’t entirely possible for you.⁣

You, who celebrates yourself with me.⁣

You, who is so fucking exhausted by the world.⁣

I see you.⁣

You are amazing. Thank you for existing.⁣