I love you, body. ⁣

I love that you tell me how you are feeling. I love listening to you. ⁣

I love all of your little lines and marks. I love the stories that you hold. ⁣

I love your softness and your squishiness and your hardness and your strength. ⁣

I love all of your curves. The hair that you grow everywhere. The way you heal. The ways you don’t. ⁣

I love how you teach me more about yourself. ⁣

I love how sensitive you are to everything. I love how you physically process energy. ⁣

I love how fiercely you show me when I’m out of alignment. ⁣

I love how you warn me when something isn’t right for me. ⁣

I love how you tell me when something feels true. ⁣

I love how you know deeper animal expression than I could ever consider in my mind. ⁣

I love all of your sounds and all of your movements. ⁣

I love the darkest, grossest parts of you. ⁣

I love your range of expression. ⁣

Body, I stare in wonder at you every day. I don’t know how you exist. But I am so happy you are here with me. ⁣

I want to be fully here with you, too. ⁣

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