Here are some hints you have disordered eating:⁣

You would choose to *not eat* a meal over eating McDonald’s ⁣

You think some foods are not real food⁣

You feel superior for your way of eating ⁣

You feel good about yourself for not eating certain food groups⁣

You are scared of certain food groups⁣

You think eating at night is bad or that you’re only allowed to eat at certain times of the day⁣

You don’t eat breakfast⁣

You think eating til half full is a good thing⁣

You work out on an empty stomach⁣

You think you only “deserve” certain foods at certain times ⁣

You won’t eat anything that doesn’t apply to your own personal rules even if it means not eating (excluding real allergies of course)⁣

You judge other people who eat the foods you avoid⁣

It is difficult for you to eat out⁣

You feel like you have to “cheat” on your diet ⁣

You are on any type of diet⁣

You regularly are hungry and make or order food but then when it is in front of you you no longer want to eat it⁣

You are secretly proud of yourself for subsisting on less⁣

— it took many many many years for me to believe people when they said this. ⁣

My mind was very clever coming up with its reasons. ⁣

There are many more signs beyond this post and you shouldn’t take not seeing yourself in this as meaning there is nothing off with the way you eat.