You may book a free 30-minute call if you feel like you are interested in a custom coaching package to work on something that VENTURE doesn’t address. Sometimes men also book this if they want to work with me for a different length of time; eg 10 sessions instead of 6.

On the call, we will discuss different options, I’ll tell you about my coaching, and we can decide if coaching is a good fit for you.

Or, if you are someone who doesn’t identify as male, you can book this so I can create a custom package for you :)


“My sessions with Demetra were extremely insightful and helpful for me to understand my condition and improve my sexual life and relationships. I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her and she guided me with simple and very effective practices that are helping me a lot.”

“You have a gift for this work, Demetra. Your reflective skills are excellent, and you exhibited an openness and ability to flow with whatever arose during the session. While the sessions had some structure to them, I did not get the feeling that you had a specific agenda or goals that you were trying to achieve (or get me to) during the session.”

“Demetra holds a space of pure inquiry and love, which is what I needed most given that it was my doubting mind that has been shutting me down sexually. With her gentle guidance, and offering of tools as both homeplay and during our session, I was able to peel apart a truth that lives in my body that my mind hasn’t integrated over my long history of waking up my body from trauma. I feel empowered now to navigate forwards believing my body is capable of what I most desire.”

“There was an instant comfort level. Something I had never said out loud seemed to just float off my lips. Demetra welcomed all my feelings and thoughts, never dismissing any.

“I liked that I could be completely honest and you were always happy with that. Even if I didn't have an answer, you were just happy that I was trying to connect. I never felt like I had to push something if it wasn't there.”

“Demetra Is a trusting and gifted coach. She was able to take me through deeply transformative shifts in our first session! I’m grateful for the tools she was able to provide in our session. I highly recommend her.”