Feminine energy is where your radiance comes from. It allows you to experience more pleasure, live in a state of flow, and create and express yourself freely.

When you live from your feminine, men (or people with more masculine energy) will be magnetized to you – whether this is your current partner or one you want to attract.

The trouble is, for many years now, women have been told we have to be more like men in order to be worthy of equal rights.

Equal rights are great. AND… you may have noticed that something all this (necessary) fighting for rights has resulted in, is a loss of femininity.

Basically, women have been living from our masculine in order to succeed. And it’s draining us of our aliveness, disconnecting us from our intuition, and wreaking havoc on our sex lives.

You might be unhappily living from your masculine if:

  • You feel burned out, exhausted, and irritated
  • You wish your partner would take charge more often, contribute to the household in a way that feels good, or have some more ambition in his life
  • You haven’t taken a bath in a reallllllly long time
  • You’re missing the intense sexual charge that comes from having a high-polarity relationship
  • Work and pleasure are separate things in your life
  • You have a hard time receiving pleasure, money, or attention
  • You want to live from your feminine, but it feels unsafe to do so

It’s possible to live from your feminine most of the time. It’s possible to have pleasure woven into everything you do, to feel totally comfortable being yourself, and to create a high-level of attraction and desire in your relationship – even without your partner doing anything.

But because most of us have many hidden blocks toward our feminine energy, you might understand all this information in theory, but still have a hard time feeling it in your body.

It might even feel icky, like… you want it but it also feels like the worst thing in the world at the same time.

Or you might just have questions, like: How do I get my partner to do what I want in a way that feels good? 

That’s why I’ve created Awaken Your Feminine: a masterclass + mini online course that will show you exactly how you can live from your feminine on a daily basis. 

Awaken Your Feminine covers:

  • The 4 most common blocks women have to living from their feminine
  • The ins and outs of pleasure: how you can have more and why it can be so hard to receive it
  • A deep explanation of masculine/feminine energy and how it shows up in relationship
  • When and why it’s necessary to use your masculine
  • The 6 most significant ways women unintentionally block polarity in relationship
  • How to feel safe living from your feminine
  • Exactly how to integrate all of this into your body

By signing up, you’ll receive:

  • The 3-hour video recording of the AYF masterclass (that originally took place as a live event)
  • Two guided audio practices with video explanations
  • Multiple bonus videos (including a conversation with my partner and me talking about how this shows up in our relationship!)
  • A guide for adding more pleasure into your daily life

All too often online courses give you a bunch of information, but you don’t actually have a way to practice or implement it.

That’s why I’ve created the additional videos and practices – they will help you integrate the information into your body on a deep level, so you can actually make change in your life.

And… for the time being… (drum roll)… the investment is only $97.

I believe you deserve to feel incredibly empowered while living in a way that brings you the most joy, love, and ease.

If you feel like some deep part of you is saying “yes”… you can access all of this instantly by clicking the button below.