Want to know what’s holding you back from getting what you truly want?

It’s not that you’re not good enough to have it, that you don’t know enough, or that there’s just something wrong with you that will be wrong with you forever.

It’s that your body is full of stored emotional experiences. 

Throughout your life, your body has created meaning around things in order to protect you, and it has held onto them. 

If you connect to these hidden pieces of your body, your life will transform – you’ll feel unshakably confident, you’ll be able to get anything you want, and you’ll feel alive and turned-on in every area of your life.

The reason this works is because the way you react to life comes mostly from your “emotional brain,” not your “thinking” brain. 

The emotional brain is where you store your past experiences. 

But not all of these experiences are relevant to the way you want to be experiencing your life today. 

Your emotional brain doesn’t know that, though – its job is to keep you safe.

Your emotional brain can cause you to shut down during sex, to get into stupid fights with your partner, or to never take action on the dream that’s super important to you… all in the name of protecting you.

You probably don’t want to be protected from things like love, pleasure, money, or joy… but at its deepest level, your brain doesn’t realize that.

That’s why I work with my clients by exploring the past experiences that have been stored in their bodies. Through this, you learn what’s really holding you back and rewire your brain to get what you want without blocking it.

Because sex is such a repressed, taboo area of our society, most of us hold a lot of our wounding in connection with our sexual energy. 

Our sexual energy is our creative energy. It’s our life-force energy. And our sex lives tend to mirror the rest of our lives.

Whether you’re happy with your current sex life or not, I like to begin with what’s happening with people’s sexual energy, because that often unlocks everything else.

Sex gives us a door. And that door will open up what’s holding you back from your fullest expression of yourself.

You might have tried to convince yourself to change your mindset. You might have tried things like The Secret, or meditation. You might have spent years in talk therapy. 

If these things didn’t work for you, it’s not your fault. 

The reason they didn’t work is because they didn’t connect you to the hidden pieces of your body that are getting in the way. 

We can change a good amount through our “thinking” brains… but we rarely shift our entire lives that way. 

You can’t think your way into transformation. Your body has to feel it.

Our current society does not want you to connect with your body. Society would prefer you stay up in your head, do what you’re told, and keep being “productive” and “successful” in the way it deems best. 

Society doesn’t care if you’re unhappy, it doesn’t care if you’ve never processed your grief, and it does not care if you ever feel pleasure or joy again. 

In fact, it’d like to prevent it – that way you’ll keep buying things you don’t want, conform to what’s expected, and contribute to everyone else’s dreams other than your own. 

If you’re cut off from your body, you will question what is best for you. You will listen to others. You will not challenge what is not good for you. 

And if you are in touch with these hidden pieces of your body… well, then you’ll know what is best for you. You’ll be able to consciously choose which parts of you respond, and when. You’ll be able to have the type of sex life you wish is possible. You’ll be able to feel completely free to be yourself in the world.

This is what actually creates transformation – healing at a body level. 

I spent most years of my sex life not being able to have internal orgasms. I didn’t get wet when I wanted to, I felt insecure asking for what I wanted in bed, and I felt like it must just be the way my body was. On top of that, I was often anxious and depressed.

But I kept hearing people talk about this thing called sexual energy… and I had a feeling something else might be possible for me.

So I listened to my intuition.

I started learning more about my sexual energy, and through it I unearthed all these stories I thought hadn’t mattered, pieces of my life that I had forgotten, moments that I couldn’t have ever imagined were impacting my body. 

But they were. 

I learned how to connect with these pieces of my body and rewire my brain, so that I no longer got triggered by the things I once had been triggered by.

My body opened. I now can have multiple internal orgasms, my sex life is fully satisfying, I built a business I’m in love with, I’m dating a partner I adore… 

My entire life is filled with pleasure.

In my coaching sessions, I guide you into your body so you learn what your body’s biggest desire is, and what’s holding you back from getting it.

You’ll immediately learn one of the pieces that is holding you back from getting what you want – and it probably won’t be what you think. 

We’ll spend the rest of the sessions identifying more pieces and integrating them as they come up. 

Our bodies cannot heal if they don’t feel safe. This is partially why it’s impossible to guide yourself deeply enough into your body to do it yourself. Not only do we all have a blind spot to our own stuff (that’s why coaches have coaches!), but these pieces are hidden because they are challenging to the conscious parts of our mind. 

I work 1:1 with people through 4-month coaching packages. If you work with me for 4 months, your entire life will transform. 

Demetra emanates such a respectful, calm, and accepting energy. She was able to ask questions that got to the root of my problems, gently guided me through intense emotions, and help me uncover long held beliefs that have been holding me back in ways I never had expected. The work you do together will not only help you uncover, understand, and begin to heal old wounds and stories, but she will give you the tools and knowledge to continue doing so throughout your life.
I could not recommend being coached by Demetra enough, ESPECIALLY if the idea of doing so scares you! Working with her has changed my life, and I know it will continue to do so for years to come.”
– Anna

I’ve had clients tell me that a single session with me was more helpful than decades of therapy. 

You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on decades of therapy… 

… or you can work with me for 4 months.

A 4-month coaching package is $4000.

$4000 includes:

  • 10 hour-long coaching sessions with me over video chat
  • Personally designed, body-based practices for you to integrate the work we do together in between sessions
  • Email support as needed between sessions

And because I want to make sure we’re a really great fit for one another, if you fill out the application below, I’ll offer you a complimentary 30-minute clarity call. 

During this 30-minute call, we’ll talk more about what’s coming up for you, and I’ll tell you what I can do to help.

No one *needs* coaching. 

If you’re feeling completely thrilled with every area of your life, then maybe there’s no reason for you to explore yourself more deeply. 

You could even choose to read hundreds of books about sex, relationships, emotions, and trauma – and you’d discover a good amount that would be useful.

But you still might feel a little lost, because there’s an amount of upleveling that is only possible through having another person guide you there.

I’ve spent the past 8 years of my life doing so much inner work – and spent tens of thousands of dollars on being coached myself – so that I could be the best person to guide you to that place. 

To me, there are two types of people in this world: people who say they want to make change but never do, and people who say they want change and actually take action.

I only want to work with the people who actually take action.

If you’re still with me, and if you’re one of those people, I invite you to fill out an application below.

“Best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Demetra has taught me various tools where I’ve learned to understand my body and mind in ways that were unimaginable to me. Her work helped me connect to my deep self and truly feel more aligned with life. The work continues to deepen as you go through life, and it affects every aspect; not just your relationship with yourself but with every other person in your life, how you show up in your business, or any endeavor; and yes your sex life will change for the better; way better. My work with Demetra was life changing for me. I live life differently now and I continue to use the tools I’ve learned. So thankful to have found this and thank you Demetra for being my teacher and opening up the world for me.”
– Nikki
“Despite my initial hesitation, my work with Demetra was probably the furthest thing from what I expected it to be, and that was a true blessing. 
Before our sessions together, I was stressed, anxious, unconfident, and was frequently prone to premature ejaculation. Today, I feel confident, resilient, and all of my sexual tension, shame, and embarrassment have completely vanished. And I’m now having more intense and pleasurable orgasms than I ever knew I was capable of having.
Truly an amazing coach, an amazing woman, and an amazing person who is incredibly dedicated to helping people achieve their fullest potential, not just sexually, but within their lives overall.”
– Scott
“I worked with Demetra for about 6 months. Before I met Demetra I viewed my romantic relationships as very healthy and my sex life as very rewarding. Before long both my girlfriend and I were connecting physically and emotionally with more intensity, pleasure, and joy than either of us had ever experienced.  
Demetra is a wonderful coach and a beautiful person. She guided me to a place I never knew existed. I’m profoundly grateful to her.”
– Tom