Do you want to feel like the master of your sex life?

If you’re like most men, you’ve been taught that your sexuality is simple. You probably grew up watching porn and/or watch a lot of it now, and you learned from society that you’re supposed to be a god at sex and want it constantly.

And yet… maybe you’ve discovered that sex doesn’t feel as great as it should. You might have trouble lasting as long as you want in bed, or you can’t stay hard at all. Maybe you feel like you’re in your head a lot during sex, your partner isn’t interested in having sex with you very often, or you just feel like something is missing.

That’s where I come in.


I believe that male sexuality is complex. I think we all learned a very simplistic view of sex, and no one is benefitting from it.

The truth is that, as a man, you’re capable of connecting deeply to your body and gaining control over your sexuality. It’s possible for you to separate orgasm from ejaculation, to have multiple and full-body orgasms, and to be the kind of embodied lover that literally transforms your partner’s experience of sex and her entire life.

You’ll transform your entire life, as well. The secret to mastering male sexuality comes from learning where in your body you’re storing past emotions, stories, and beliefs - and then integrating those pieces and combining them with some awesome practices and techniques.

It’s both easier and harder than it sounds. It’s easy because it won’t take you years upon years of studying ancient texts or hours of practice per day. It’s difficult because you have to commit to self-growth, and that tends to bring up a lot of unprocessed stuff that we often don’t expect.

My work is different than most other coaching work because it is very body-based. I use practices on the calls that help connect you to your own body to learn from it.

When we work only with our cortical (“thinking”) brain, we’re missing out on the wisdom of the limbic system and the primal brain, both which store emotions and patterns we hold in our bodies.

Especially when working with sexuality, getting to know our bodies is necessary. Often our bodies believe things that our cortical brain doesn’t consider logical or true, and that holds us back from getting what we desire.

I help you integrate all parts of yourself, and I combine that work with breathing techniques and meditative sexuality practices that transform your sex life.

But wait… whaaat? You’re a woman - why do you care about male sexuality?

Because the more I started learning about and working on my own sexuality, the angrier I became when I realized how little of this information is available for men.

I’ve dedicated my life and my business toward studying male sexuality, because I believe that when men are able to fully connect to their bodies, they show up as better lovers, friends, and human beings - and that’s how the world changes.

What results can I expect from us working together?

By working with me, you’ll:

  • Figure out what you want out of your relationships and sex life

  • Identify beliefs that are holding you back

  • Learn how to have full-body orgasms, multiple orgasms, and how to separate orgasm from ejaculation

  • Connect more deeply with your own body

  • Learn how to embody your primal nature in a safe and powerful way

Wow, ok. So how do I begin?

I do a free 30-minute discovery call (that’s what all the buttons on this page have been for) with all potential clients. During this call, we get to know each other - I get to learn more about what’s going on with you, you get to ask me questions about coaching, and we can decide if it makes sense for us to work together.

Are the calls sexual?

The calls are a professional space. Though we discuss sex and sexuality in depth, there is no clothing removal or guided sexual touch on the calls, and I hold strong boundaries between coach and client.

I’ve never talked to anyone about any of this, and I’m afraid.

It’s super normal to feel hesitant about getting coaching. It’s a big life shift - it’s a commitment to your sex life! - and that tends to make us nervous. I’ve heard it all, so I won’t judge anything you say. And that’s why I do the first call together for free - so you can decide if coaching feels like something that you can commit to.

Still unsure? You can get to know me better by reading some of my articles, listening to my podcast, signing up for my awesome email list… or reading what my clients have to say below!

“My sessions with Demetra were extremely insightful and helpful for me to understand my condition and improve my sexual life and relationships. I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her and she guided me with simple and very effective practices that are helping me a lot.”

“You have a gift for this work, Demetra. Your reflective skills are excellent, and you exhibited an openness and ability to flow with whatever arose during the session. While the sessions had some structure to them, I did not get the feeling that you had a specific agenda or goals that you were trying to achieve (or get me to) during the session.”

“Demetra holds a space of pure inquiry and love, which is what I needed most given that it was my doubting mind that has been shutting me down sexually. With her gentle guidance, and offering of tools as both homeplay and during our session, I was able to peel apart a truth that lives in my body that my mind hasn’t integrated over my long history of waking up my body from trauma. I feel empowered now to navigate forwards believing my body is capable of what I most desire.”

“There was an instant comfort level. Something I had never said out loud seemed to just float off my lips. Demetra welcomed all my feelings and thoughts, never dismissing any.

“I liked that I could be completely honest and you were always happy with that. Even if I didn't have an answer, you were just happy that I was trying to connect. I never felt like I had to push something if it wasn't there.”

“Demetra Is a trusting and gifted coach. She was able to take me through deeply transformative shifts in our first session! I’m grateful for the tools she was able to provide in our session. I highly recommend her.”