I believe that the key to true liberation is working with our sexuality. Because sex is an area where our society is so repressed, we tend to store a lot of things in that area of our psyche.

We grow up accumulating so many stories, beliefs, emotions, and traumas. Even if we eventually go on a self-growth journey (which in the West these days often looks like therapy/yoga/drugs), we still feel like there’s something missing.

That piece is often in our sex lives.

I have a friend that says, “The way you do food is the way you do life,” and I think it’s the same with sex. The way you do sex is the way you do life.

If you have any repressed emotions, from any area of your life (hint: we all do), they’ll usually be reflected in your sex life.

This looks like:

  • not being able to get wet

  • not being able to orgasm

  • not lasting as long as you want in bed

  • porn addiction

  • not being able to have multiple orgasms (men and women!)

  • not initiating sex

  • not getting hard

  • not desiring sex anymore

  • not being able to find a partner

  • not being vocal in bed

  • having sex that feels boring

  • feeling anxious/depressed/resistant to your life

Even more than that, what it often feels like is this nagging feeling that there must be something more.

Every single one of my clients comes to me with some version of “I feel like there is more to life than this.”

And there is. I promise you to the end of the world, there is.

In my coaching, I work both with the body and with story.

All we really are is a collection of our stories. Our narratives shape the way we view the world, and our brains are always looking for evidence to support them. Some narratives are helpful, and some think they’re being helpful but are also holding us back.

The longer we live without examining our stories, the more we become locked into them, and our lives follow suit.

Often, our mind doesn’t even consciously remember the stories that impact our everyday lives.

Luckily, our bodies are the main storykeepers. Know that feeling you get in your gut when you do something wrong? Our bodies communicate with us like that all the time, and they hold on to different sensations and different emotions.

This doesn’t always make sense to our conscious mind. And if we’ve practiced ignoring our bodies long enough (like most of us have), we don’t even notice the signals our bodies are sending us.

We become numb to our bodies.

I’m trained as a sex coach, with an extra specialization in men’s sexuality. I think sex is super fun and magical and that we all deserve to be having epic, life-changing sex (read all my articles about that here).

But what I really do, most often, is guide people to understand where they are still holding their stories in their bodies. I help them realize how their stories are physically impacting their lives. I help them integrate their stories.

It’s never about getting rid of a story, it’s about learning why it’s there and how you can own it and include it in your life – and then learning how to create a new one.

I help people own all of who they are without shame. I help them discover the truth of who they really are, the true self hidden beneath the cover of their current lives, and I help them get what they truly desire.

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