How do I summarize the magic of my sessions with Demetra into a single paragraph? I was very scared entering into this coaching package. Fearful that all my issues would be too much, fearful that I wouldn’t feel connected and understood by a coach over a computer camera, fearful that it just wouldn’t work. But right off the bat, Demetra emanated such a respectful, calm, and accepting energy. She was able to ask questions that got to the root of my problems, gently guided me through intense emotions (both pleasant and scary), and help me uncover long-held beliefs that have been holding me back in ways I never had expected. Being coached by Demetra “worked” in a way I never imagined. Yes, I feel more connected to my body, to my cycle, to my emotions, to my partner, and to my orgasms, but even more beautiful is the excitement I feel to continue applying these practices and knowledge as time goes on. The work you do together will not only help you uncover, understand, and begin to heal old wounds, but she will give you the tools and knowledge to continue doing so throughout your life. I could not recommend being coached by Demetra enough, ESPECIALLY if the idea of doing so scares you!
— Anna
Even in just two sessions, I could tell Demetra was a talented coach with an incredible insightfulness. I felt that she was really able to get down to the core of my issue and see through to what was going on at a deeper level, despite all of the information I had thrown at her and the chaotic energy I felt I was emanating. I would highly recommend a session with this wise and compassionate woman - she will make you feel understood and will put into words what you haven’t quite been able to articulate, but was always running around in your mind. She will pull the truth out and lay it down in front of you in a way that is palatable and clear to comprehend, so that you can move through and move forward.
— Elana
Demetra is incredibly insightful and understanding. She was so easy to talk to! I felt safe and held and seen, the entire time. I learned that “knowing” the breadth of childhood trauma and seeing the effects it has on your life is different than actually putting effort towards healing it and letting the healing of the trauma equally affect your present life. I enjoyed how easy it was to speak with her and that at no point did it feel awkward and it didn’t feel like there was too much “woo factor.”
— Rob
My sessions with Demetra were great; she gave me massive insight as to what was holding me back from enjoying my body and sex with my partner. She managed to unlock my sexual energy and my awareness of myself and my body. I loved the practices, meditations and visualisations to bring awareness to a deep level each session. I will miss our sessions a lot, it was a great journey with her, and I will repeat any time, and I hugely recommend to any woman or man to unlock their full sexual potential.
— Laura
I can only say wonderful things about our sessions together. I was very hesitant, because I’ve never done anything like this. However, my sex life, my self confidence, my disconnect from my own body was really apparent, so I decided to go for it. In a short amount of time, I was learning how to connect with my body, and I was even learning that at times where I couldn’t connect, I allowed myself to accept it and be okay with it. Communication with my partner about my emotions and needs grew stronger, the way I listen to my body grew stronger, and my openness to my partner and myself about issues blocking our growth grew stronger. Through breathing exercises, I was able to express myself in ways that would never even cross my mind. I still have a lot to work on, but I have the tools to continue this growth. Thank you, Demetra!
— Client name hidden
There was an instant comfort level. Something I had never said out loud seemed to just float off my lips. Demetra welcomed all my feelings and thoughts, never dismissing any.
— LeighAnn
Demetra and I only had one session together, but we moved mountains in that time. She made me learn things about myself that I never knew or expected to know. The environment was peaceful and comfortable, and she was in no way pressuring. Working with her helped reduce my anxiety and allowed me to work on myself in ways I didn’t know I needed to. I would recommend working with her to anyone!
— Ashley
My sessions with Demetra were extremely insightful and helpful for me to understand my condition and improve my sexual life and relationships. I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her and she guided me with simple and very effective practices that are helping me a lot. I liked everything about our sessions, but most importantly I felt I was heard thoroughly and all efforts to completely understand me were made before suggesting any help. My case was peculiar and not A for Apple, yet I was heard and given space to explain myself completely. I felt I was understood.
— Sanjay
I remember a post you did about romancing yourself taking a bath and pleasure and letting yourself feel pleasure. I love baths and soak probably 4 times a week for my stomach and to relax. Tonight I was like hey, I wanna feel pleasure. I had a massage this morning and I reminded myself that I’m allowed to feel pleasure, and so I let myself relax and be at peace with every part of me that hurt and every part that felt good. So anyway, in the bath, I just wanted to connect with my body. I did the first breathwork we did, and I was able to bring myself to orgasm (I can’t even believe I’m saying this...) It wasn’t my goal to orgasm, my goal was to let myself see what I like for myself and let myself feel pleasure. I told my body that it is okay if I don’t feel anything but if I do to let it happen. I literally CANNOT believe that I connected with my body in this way. I really just wanted to share this with you because in only 4 sessions I was able to work on things like this and I feel SO happy!
— Shared with permission from email, client name hidden
Demetra is a trusting and gifted coach. She was able to take me through deeply transformative shifts in our first session! I’m grateful for the tools she was able to provide in our session. I highly recommend her.
— Kate
Demetra holds a space of pure inquiry and love, which is what I needed most given that it was my doubting mind that has been shutting me down sexually. With her gentle guidance, and offering of tools as both homeplay and during our session, I was able to peel apart a truth that lives in my body that my mind hasn’t integrated over my long history of waking up my body from trauma. I feel empowered now to navigate forwards believing my body is capable of what I most desire.
— Meenal
You have a gift for this work, Demetra. Your reflective skills are excellent, and you exhibited an openness and ability to flow with whatever arose during the session. While the sessions had some structure to them, I did not get the feeling that you had a specific agenda or goals that you were trying to achieve (or get me to) during the session.
— Client name hidden