The difference between submission and surrender

When I tell women that I consider myself submissive to my partner, they often cringe. “Submit?!” They say. “No… what about surrender?” I get it. “Surrender” feels gentler.* It conjures up a flowing, radiant woman, softening herself toward her partner. “Submit” feels dirty. It feels intense. It makes our bodies cringe, it reminds us of allll past conditioning saying “women must submit to men.” And

There is room for both your boundaries and your feminine radiance

There is room.  There is room for you to be a strong, boundaried, powerful woman and for you to still surrender to your partner and let them lead and be in charge.  There is room for you to be taken care of. For you to let your partner make most of the decisions. For you to relax into creativity, and flow, and existence.  If you

How to ask for things in a more feminine way

(which results in you becoming enchanting and having life altering screaming crying growling sex and going down on your partner in the kitchen and you know all those other things you want the most but pretend you don’t) If you want polarity in your relationship (read: magnetic attraction) one of you has to take the masculine, dominant role, and one of you has to take

Masculine and feminine penetration

The masculine penetrates through the genitals. That’s where the feminine receives.⁣ ⁣ The feminine penetrates through the heart. That’s where the masculine receives.⁣ ⁣ Forcing a man to open up emotionally before he’s ready can feel similar to a woman being entered before she’s dripping wet and fully ready.⁣ ⁣ And the lasting effects are the same. I see so many women who are completely