She says Yes

Drink her in, down your throat   Cold milk honey   On your knees   Let him fill you with life   Stop tensing your legs, gripping, resisting   Reaching for completion   Peel back that skin Rip the scab off   When the darkness overcomes her She no longer panics.   Curiosity arises   She says Yes To every outcome   She says Yes

She keeps looking for her / everywhere she is not

She keeps looking for Her⁣ Everywhere she is not. ⁣ ⁣ In the climbing. The unending stairs of⁣ masculine success⁣ ⁣ She fills up and spills out⁣ Climaxes⁣ Mines herself for further ⁣ resources⁣ ⁣ She puts on her makeup and pretty dresses⁣ and wonders where the dull ⁣ ache ⁣ is coming from⁣ ⁣ The ache is what’s actually ⁣ calling her home. ⁣

There is only dissent

Every new announcement Feels like another strike across her already bloodied back   There are no steps On the path to awakening There is only descent   She must enter the dirty tunnel   It is open. It begs to be felt   She sees the death of her grandmothers She pours the water Into the next cup Lifts her hair Off her sweaty neck

A festering rebirth

A festering rebirth She gathers her limbs, looks at where they lie Blood, pus, scabbing She knows she did not create this and yet it is there. It has things to teach her, with its pockets of sensitivity Its walls, its blocks she cannot see through She feels almost there. The earth cries beneath her feet She wants to See Sometimes she imagines it is

the earth is cleaning house

I cannot eat When I am already full When the smoke drips down the trees And I am overflowing with their tears   My heart has dissipated   I ask the trees if they are crying For their brothers and sisters, Down the west coast As usual, they say no   The trees are unfazed, by orange and grays. They know this, already. They are

The pulse of the earth / is what you are missing

The pulse of the earth   Is what you are missing   Connection to your body   Not superficial, but   The deep feminine Knowing   The beating of each leaf Throbbing on each branch   The swirls on your fingertips   The bleeding of your womb, out between your thighs   The nectar of wildness The lies of beauty Or, the beauty of the

Your wake-up call for how you’re living your life right now

Buses with only one person on board All fares free City sidewalks empty   I’ve heard that the only two times global warming slowed were when the Cold War happened and the stock market crashed I wonder if this is another   It’s eerie, almost But the birds are louder   I wonder, if all stores if all systems Shut Down Would that be sad?

the crows, unconcerned, will be happy to eat our bodies when they fall

Queen of the underworld She ate pomegranate, took the darkness inside her She became it   The crows, unconcerned will be happy to eat our bodies when they fall   The earth is responding She is hitting reply to the rape She is posting about the amount of destruction   She is not angry, just giving back equal energy   Humans they think they are

you’re drowning in the news (covid-19)

You’re drowning in the news It sucks you in, like quicksand but you chose it   maybe This piece of you was already here Waiting, underneath the surface   the part of you that knows the earth is dying, humans are already dying   It jumps at the opportunity to scream apocalypse Order an emergency kit Order food for thirty days   Just in case,

Tell your partner when you self-pleasure. Not because he owns your body, but because you do

Tell your partner when you self-pleasure Not because he owns your body, but because you do.   Touch yourself slowly, deeply, lovingly Have long orgasms, and quick ones Spend hours, spend seconds Soak your sheets.   Say, I’m going to self pleasure in the other room, now Not because I don’t love you but because I love myself, and sometimes I want to remind myself