A few years ago I might have Cared

A few years ago I might have Cared Painted my face with blood Wrote poems saying Fuck the patriarchy Shouted from the rooftops Got up in arms  Said help us Save me Today in my  Woman body Pussy Breasts Body of woman I feel truth.  This is where we are This is where we have been I watch our society eating itself Like cancer cells,

her belly left the room

She let herself go her hips spilled over the sides of chairs her belly left the room her breasts escaped and wisps of hair rose up toward the sky  Out in every direction She let herself go her legs became pillows  her body remembered it was water  And her skin began to cry With relief.  As it stopped trying to hold itself in and up

I did not know I was restricting food

What I want you to understand Is that I did not know I was restricting Food I did not sit down to each meal and think I will eat less I ate what I wanted I said I ate how much I wanted What I wanted was just tiny Because I was a Good Woman What I wanted was Healthy With a capital H depending

I do not miss being skinny

I do not miss being skinny I do not miss wanting my abdomen to look like a thin hard board I do not miss my knuckles jutting out My veins Showing how little of me existed I do not miss looking Hollow I love resting my hands on my belly Underneath her fold Right above my pussy Warm, cozy Body I love each new streak

This body will birth babies

This body will birth babies Mountains and valleys Hidden in her Shape Well-fed Body Woman Body Ripples, and Lightning strikes Streak across her Skin. Married Body Tender Body Swollen with Trust And the choice of Life This body will birth babies They will suck Milky soft Breast They will rest their heads On a round Tummy This body Is The garden of life ______ This

You can have the Big Lips

You can have the ⁣ Big Lips⁣ Taut starving⁣ Belly⁣ Shrinking back toward your⁣ Spine ⁣ Get off on the ⁣ Indentations⁣ Of your skin toward the ⁣ Bone⁣ The way it⁣ Stretches⁣ over your hips⁣ You can wax your pussy⁣ Bare⁣ Fill your breasts with plastic⁣ Bags⁣ Inject your brows⁣ To make them⁣ Smooth⁣ Paste on⁣ Eyelashes ⁣ Eat ⁣ Less ⁣ You can

Messages from nature: Days 23-33 (part 3 of 3)

– part 1 – part 2 Day 23 Today I am nature⁣ ⁣ I am lying in my bed and it is dark outside and the earth is saying you moved a lot, today, rest your system ⁣ ⁣ No photos outside⁣ ⁣ Take a salt bath⁣ ⁣ I spent the day in @perri.chase’s MOTHER portal and I threw up and cleared and felt⁣ My relationship

The magic of a slow blowjob

Let me tell you about the sweetness Of soft, nourishing, and tender love Of climbing into bed In early evening, just after sunset And winding skin together Of whispers about the future Excitement Of climbing on top, body pressed against body Holding his gaze And saying you are the best man I know.   Let me tell you about the magic of a slow blowjob.

there is no word

There is no word for the way You would feel When watching a 30-foot wave crash to shore   There is no word for standing at the top of a mountain The air quiet No humans around your existence   There is no word For way it might land in your body To witness the messy, gory Primal Birth of a child   There is

The moon does not say sorry

The trees do not feel attached to their beauty. The wind does not whine about how many people don’t like it. The flowers do not plan meticulously how they will bloom each season. The rain does not feel upset that it’s been coming down too long. Winter does not care about how many things she kills. The mushroom does not spend its time worrying about