Sometimes he will be soft

He will not be in his masculine all the time. Sometimes he will be soft. At least, I hope for your sake that sometimes he is soft. That you get to see the hint of his wounded inner child in his eyes. That you feel him sob into your breasts, so that you can feel how your body is the mother of the earth, and

Healthy relationships & my relationship with my dad

I have always had really healthy relationships. I had three boyfriends from the ages of 20-26. All of these men really saw the innate essence of me and appreciated it to the extent that they could at the time. Really to the extent that I could allow myself to open and be seen by them, if I’m being really honest. They mirrored the amount that

Older men are not allowed to wake up

This may not fit the popular narrative, but older men are some of the most dramatically underserved parts of our population. I see this pattern often where a man has been very successful in his career. And then he reaches a point where he realizes there must be something more. He realizes he actually isn’t that happy in his marriage/dating life. That his work was

Your partner is not the one who needs to do their work

It is never your partner who just needs to do their work. It is a big red flag for me when I hear someone say, “My partner does xyz, and they just need to change.” The partner you attract is always a reflection of you. Something in you is always mirroring back this part of them. I can already hear people saying “but what about

The magic of a slow blowjob

Let me tell you about the sweetness Of soft, nourishing, and tender love Of climbing into bed In early evening, just after sunset And winding skin together Of whispers about the future Excitement Of climbing on top, body pressed against body Holding his gaze And saying you are the best man I know.   Let me tell you about the magic of a slow blowjob.

If you believe in conspiracies, let’s talk about your wounding with men

If you believe in conspiracies (“plandemic,” qanon, etc), let’s talk about your wounding with men. People are pulled toward conspiracy because they like to believe that a secret group of elite people are all pulling the strings and we are at their mercy. I get it. It’s sexier to believe that everything is run by an elite few rather than face the fact that humans

If you think you have to “train” men, this is for you

If you think you have to “train” men If you feel glee when you “put him in his place” You will continually end up with men who are submissive to you. Who cast down their eyes when you get angry Who say “I don’t know, what do you think?” to every problem that arises Who shut down when you ask them to speak Who cannot

To the masculine: she just wants to know that she can trust you

One of the most important roles of the feminine is to call out and question the masculine. In a high-polarity relationship, the masculine leads. He* is direct, logical, and steady. He is a provider, he shows up fully, and he helps the feminine live her best life possible. And sometimes he misses his own blind spots. The feminine is intuitive, feeling. She will immediately sense

I won’t hate men, the way you want me to

WOUND is now open for registration. Find out more here. I won’t hate men, the way you want me to. I have coached men who have broken down in tears from the way they were ridiculed by women. I have coached men who have remembered abuse for the first time. I have coached men who have had such horrific childhoods that they find solace in

Anger toward the patriarchy vs anger toward men

I really want women to understand that our anger toward the patriarchy/our society is valid. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ And that it is not the same as our anger toward men. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It is so valid to be hurt that we have grown up in a society that has told us we are too much or not enough, that has shut our bodies and our power