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A rant about the annoying comments people make during my food journey (video)

This morning some people made some very annoying comments on my post from yesterday (the one about how my weight has plateaued, here if you missed it). I am very used to these types of comments and usually I just ignore them. However every so often I just feel fed up and done and annoyed. And so while I went on my morning walk, I

Our minds do not know better than our bodies

It is none of my business what size my body decides to become.  The size of my body is not actually relevant to anything.  In this past year I have been humbly deeply learning FROM my body.  Listening to the intensity of my hunger.  Responding to food cravings regardless of what my mind thought about the food.  Responding to my body’s desire for A LOT

How food became neutral to me

The last time I was here I was terrified to be in this grocery store.  I was on a trip last June and it was the only grocery store in town.  I hadn’t been inside a “normal” grocery store in years. I only shopped at Whole Foods or health food stores and I felt very superior about this.  I had started eating more food three

I did not know I was restricting food

What I want you to understand Is that I did not know I was restricting Food I did not sit down to each meal and think I will eat less I ate what I wanted I said I ate how much I wanted What I wanted was just tiny Because I was a Good Woman What I wanted was Healthy With a capital H depending

I do not miss being skinny

I do not miss being skinny I do not miss wanting my abdomen to look like a thin hard board I do not miss my knuckles jutting out My veins Showing how little of me existed I do not miss looking Hollow I love resting my hands on my belly Underneath her fold Right above my pussy Warm, cozy Body I love each new streak

This body will birth babies

This body will birth babies Mountains and valleys Hidden in her Shape Well-fed Body Woman Body Ripples, and Lightning strikes Streak across her Skin. Married Body Tender Body Swollen with Trust And the choice of Life This body will birth babies They will suck Milky soft Breast They will rest their heads On a round Tummy This body Is The garden of life ______ This

Everything to do with my food journey & weight gain in chronological order

this photo was taken in June. Hi loves! My food journey has turned into something bigger than I could ever have imagined (honestly, I thought I was just going to write the first article and be done with it, lol – but that has not been the case!) And I have been updating about it wherever I’ve felt like it – that means there are

I have never owned shorts like this in my life

The video that went along with this is here. I have never ever owned shorts like this in my life. ⁣ ⁣ I had Rules. ⁣ About what looked good on me. ⁣ ⁣ Light colored solid leggings were out. They showed every ounce of cellulite. ⁣ No matter how pretty I thought the colors were they were a No. ⁣ ⁣ Spandex shorts of