announcing: TABOO

Your bad girl Your slut Your killer Your whore Your mean girl Your wasteful Uncaring Selfish Bitch Your menstrual blood Dripping down your leg Your illness Your crazy Your power Your witch The part that could tear flesh to shreds The part that would survive Alone naked in the forest at night Shut away in prison Your hungry wolf Your fat Your lumps and bumps

When menstrual blood on my face went viral on the internet

Two years ago, this photo went very, very, very viral on the internet. I had been taking photos with my blood on my face every month for almost a year. The first one was just for fun, to encourage people to connect more with their menstrual blood. And then when people were soo bothered by it (I don’t know why I was shocked by this,

They have told you to hide it

They have told you to hide it. They have told you to stuff it up, to let it turn brown before it leaves you, to not let the word pass your lips. They have told you that your body functions just like a man’s — — ignoring that your body takes a month to go through your process. He goes through his in a day.

The pulse of the earth / is what you are missing

The pulse of the earth   Is what you are missing   Connection to your body   Not superficial, but   The deep feminine Knowing   The beating of each leaf Throbbing on each branch   The swirls on your fingertips   The bleeding of your womb, out between your thighs   The nectar of wildness The lies of beauty Or, the beauty of the

Saying “I don’t know” is a female response to a patriarchal culture

Women say “I don’t know” because we were taught that our own knowing was not allowed. That our own knowing was not enough. We say “I don’t know” because we’ve been so conditioned out of what we truly, deeply desire that we often can’t even access what that is anymore. It becomes impossible to distinguish what we want to say from all the immediate thoughts

Sometimes I think about how women were considered property not even 200 years ago

Sometimes I think about how women were considered property not even 200 years ago Sometimes I think about the way that lives in my body and in the messages I’ve been taught by people older than me Sometimes I think about how in 1973 women still couldn’t open a credit card And I think about the way women struggle with money, feel shame about not

Let it rock you

It makes sense if you feel lost, confused. It makes sense if you feel trapped in, uncertain, irritable, and like you’re not sure where to turn. The global energy has shifted, quickly. Seemingly without warning. We’re experiencing a kind of collective panic, a collective grief. But we know what to do with grief, here.  Let it rock you. Let it crumble down the false narratives

How to love your period even when it’s painful

I have endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where your uterine lining grows outside of your uterus. It’s estimated more than 10% of women have it, though the real number is probably higher, since it often goes undiagnosed. You can have endo without any pain or symptoms. Symptoms I have experienced from endo are: cramps so painful that I throw up, multiple ovarian cysts that have

Once, he wrapped his hands around my neck

Once, he wrapped his hands around my neck and he was inside me and in theory, it was the same as the other times except this time he was angry. I had just broken up with him But I let myself be led back inside I let him have sex with me and I felt stunned that he was so mad and I shut my

She creates watercolor

She creates watercolor⁣ ⁣ out of herself⁣ ⁣ Her voice sounds sirens⁣ Woman in red⁣ her lips speak the spell of peaches⁣ impeaching⁣ ⁣ Her body bleeds to remind her ⁣ she can choose to give life ⁣ ⁣ and she can choose to take it away⁣ ⁣ Hundreds of years go by⁣ and she is still sitting in the water, ⁣ blood on her