A man wrote to me today to let me know that seeing blood between my legs is gross, but seeing blood on my face is “animalistic” and “primal” and elicits fantasies. ⁣

It is endlessly fascinating to me that people were more bothered by my last photo than all of the photos of my blood on my face. ⁣

More people unfollowed me from that post than any other. ⁣

Who knows if it was the pubic hair, or just the fact that it was a more realistic photo of what periods actually look like. ⁣

(This isn’t a complaint; I also got soooo many nice messages that made me feel in love with everyone)⁣

Somebody else wrote to me, “I woke up that way this morning!”⁣

I think it’s beautiful. I think the things my body does are all beautiful. ⁣

Your body is beautiful, too. ⁣

Your body will sometimes do things that are not pleasant. It will do things that you don’t like. It will do things that look gross and that you don’t want to touch. ⁣

And….. ⁣

What if all of that was STILL BEAUTIFUL? What if it was okay, that sometimes your body makes a mess? ⁣

What if all your ways of existing were all totally acceptable and allowed and okay?⁣

What if you just got to enjoy all of the ways of being alive?⁣

You’re allowed to have that. You are, you are, you are. ⁣

Your existence is beautiful. And not beautiful in a pretty, perfect way. Beautiful in a messy, wild, I’m-allowed-to-be-gross way. ⁣

All of it. Beautiful. ⁣⁣