About Demetra Nyx

I give people permission.

Permission to exist. Permission to heal. Permission to love themselves as they already are.

I’ve been writing online for over 7 years now. I’ve gone viral three times. I’ve had my Instagram frozen, reinstated, and then totally removed and banned.

I’ve had the internet freak out about me… and I’ve also had hundreds of teenage girls write to me to tell me that my existence has changed their lives for the better.

I’m an artist. I write, I coach, I create.

Many of my creations stir shit up. I poke, I prod, I aggravate. I push as much as I can so that systems and thought structures come tumbling down.

I am anti-taboo, pro-pleasure, pro full self expression.

A friend once referred to me as a feminist instigator. I love that term.

I think we live in a society that is still too boxed in. I think people walk through the world asleep, never opening to much that makes them feel deeply alive. I think we live our lives afraid, while we proceed to kill the world around us and never accomplish much that’s meaningful.

I want young girls to love their bodies the way they already are.

I want boys and men to embrace their tears. I want all bodies to feel safe to be who they are in every moment. I want people to communicate vulnerably and spectacularly in their relationships. I want people to feel full, abandoned pleasure, have orgasms that are minutes long, and understand that their bodies are bursting with unexplored power and potential. I want people to be able to say no to anything in their lives with no explanation anytime they want.

I want everything. And I believe I can have it. I want you to believe that, too.

I am here to make art that makes my body sing… and I hope it does something similar for you.


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